How to choose a WiFi router and 8 recommended selections [Tools to watch when working from home]

▼ What is a WiFi router (wireless LAN router)?

▼ How to choose a WiFi router

▼ 8 recommended WiFi routers

▼Does a WiFi router have a lifespan?


A WiFi router (wireless LAN router) that allows you to connect your smartphone or PC to the Internet without the need for troublesome wiring. An increasing number of home appliances such as TVs, smart speakers, and air conditioners are compatible with WiFi, and WiFi routers are now becoming a necessity for making the Internet environment at home more convenient.

Therefore, on this page, I will introduce how to choose a WiFi router.

Pick up recommended products that can be purchased on online shopping sites such as Amazon, mainly from famous manufacturers such as Buffalo, NEC, and Elecom. We will introduce a wide range from cheap ones to mesh WiFi that can build the strongest environment.

What is a WiFi router (wireless LAN router)?

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A WiFi router is a machine that makes your home's internet line wireless, such as fiber optic communication. You will be able to connect to the Internet without inserting a LAN cable into your PC or TV.

Since wiring is not required, you can use the Internet while moving as long as the radio waves reach. In addition, if you connect your smartphone or tablet, you can use your home internet line without consuming packets on your smartphone or tablet.

How to choose a WiFi router

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What kind of room do you use it in?

Information such as how large a house it can handle, how many floors it can handle, etc. is written on the product description page of each manufacturer. Some are up to one room, while others are for 3-story 4LDK. Be sure to check them out and choose the one that's right for your home.

How many devices can be connected to WiFi at the same time?

Let's figure out the number of devices connected to the WiFi router in advance. On top of that, we recommend that you choose a product that does not limit the number of connections. This is because it is said that the more connections you have, the less likely the speed will drop.

WiFi5? Or WiFi6?

Currently, the fastest communication speed is "WiFi 6", but it is meaningless if the device (smartphone or PC) you use does not support it. If the device you use supports WiFi 6, or if you are particular about communication speed, use a WiFi 6 compatible product. Otherwise, WiFi5 products will suffice.

How to choose a WiFi router and recommended 8 selections [Featured tools for working from home]

Let's be careful about security

Almost all WiFi routers use security technology that encrypts radio waves. However, the level varies depending on the product. Currently, the most secure "WPA3" or the second most secure "WPA2" is recommended.

There is also a function that makes setting easier

If there is a "one-touch connection function", it is convenient because you can omit entering the password when connecting to WiFi. Also, if you have a product with a "transfer function", you can transfer the SSID and password of the router you have been using. Since it is not necessary to change the settings on the device side, it is recommended when replacing by purchase.

Three functions that can be expected to improve communication quality

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This feature allows you to target WiFi radio waves. It is said that the communication range will be expanded by 30 to 40% and the communication speed will be improved by about 150%. Many smartphones such as iPhone, Galaxy, and Xperia support this beamforming.

MU-MIMO is a function that prevents slowdowns when multiple devices such as smartphones and tablets are connected to a WiFi router. By the way, "the number of antennas of the router minus one" is a guideline for the number of devices that can communicate at the same time.

IPv6 is one of the communication standards for the Internet. By allocating IP addresses directly to users, communication speed is improved compared to conventional IPv4. It also supports a mechanism called "IPsec" that safely transmits and receives data, and security has been strengthened.

If you want to spread WiFi throughout the house, use "Mesh WiFi"

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If you really want to have radio waves all over your house, choose a type of device called mesh WiFi. It is made up of a combination of a parent device and a child device called a “satellite device”, and by increasing the number of child devices, it is possible to spread WiFi throughout the house.

8 recommended WiFi routers

Aterm WG2600HSNECamazon.co.jp¥6,106See details on Amazon

A standard home Wi-Fi router. The compatible communication standard is Wi-Fi 5, but other functions are suppressed, so if you use it normally, you will be able to use it comfortably at a good cost performance.

In addition to improving the signal strength with our unique technology, it is possible to connect 18 devices simultaneously, which is quite a lot in this price range, and it is a spec that can be used not only at home but also in a small office.

See details at Rakuten

Rakuten Ichiba

"TP-Link", which is based in Shenzhen, China, sells a lot of WiFi related equipment. Although this product does not have a transfer function, it is a product with a reduced price. Recommended for those who are new to purchasing a WiFi router and those who do not currently have many devices connected to WiFi.

WRC-1167GST2 Elecom amazon.co.jp¥4,975See details on Amazon

The encryption technology is "WPA2", but it is a product that supports "band steering" that automatically switches between 2.4GHz and 5GHz depending on the communication situation. is. It also has a beam forming function to enable stable communication. It's great value for money and has great reviews.

WSR-1800AX4S/NWH Buffalo amazon.co.jp¥8,800See details on Amazon

This product from the popular WiFi router maker "Buffalo" is affordable among WiFi 6 compatible routers. Basic functions are substantial, and the main body is relatively compact. If 14 simultaneous connections are enough, it is a recommended product with excellent cost performance.

WN-DEAX1800GR/EI-O DATAamazon.co.jp¥6,220See details on Amazon

See details on Rakuten Ichiba

This product is priced at 10,000 yen or less and is typical of IO DATA. The basic functions are substantial, and it is possible to connect up to 20 devices at the same time. Even in a family with a large number of people, this can be used with plenty of room.

Archer AX4800/ATP-LINKamazon.co.jp¥10,500See details on Amazon

This is a high-performance model that can connect up to 80 devices simultaneously. As you can see from the appearance that 6 antennas are installed, the reception sensitivity is high, and the strong radio waves make the whole house a Wi-Fi environment.

Although it is a product of an overseas manufacturer, there is a dedicated application for settings, so you can make initial settings without hesitation. Recommended for those who want to buy a high-performance device at a low cost in an environment where they want to get by with a single Wi-Fi router.

Nighthawk MK62-100JPSNETGEAR amazon.co.jp¥20,770See details on Amazon

"NETGEAR" is an American manufacturer that has won the top market share in the US and Japan for WiFi routers. We specialize in networking equipment and have a large selection of excellent products. This "MK62" is excellent in both cost performance and performance, and is recommended for the first mesh WiFi.

Zen WiFi AX (XT8)ASUSamazon.co.jp¥53,565See details on Amazon

ASUS is a PC manufacturer based in Taiwan. We are focusing on gaming PCs, and our WiFi routers are mainly for gamers, but we also sell general products that make use of our high technology. This is the strongest class for home use and can connect up to 180 units. Communication quality is also excellent.

Do WiFi routers have a lifespan?

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The mechanical lifespan of a Wi-Fi router is typically around five years. If you feel that the communication is interrupted or is no longer stable, it seems better to consider replacing it.

The other is the lifespan in the sense that it has become obsolete due to the evolution of communication standards and encryption technology. This lifespan will change depending on future evolution, but if you choose a product that uses the latest technology as much as possible, you will be able to use it for that much longer.


Choose your product wisely, as there are many differences directly related to internet speed. All of the products introduced in this article have been collected and judged to be of an excellent level. If there is something you like, please consider it positively.

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