Why is the new business bag of a long -established brand match the way of working?

Business bags that combine high -grade domestic cowhide to high functionality

"Blent" series that is set in size so that notebook PCs and tablets required for telework can fit perfectly

From the Tsuchiya Bag Manufacturing of Leather Product brand, the functional and durable genuine leather business bag series "BLENT" that matches modern work style has appeared.A total of four models will be developed, with a business tote with excellent storage capacity, a shoulder that fits tablets, a multifunctional and 2 -way style brief.[Image] See the details of the Tsuchiya Bag Manufacturing "BLENT" series, which proposes new value of business bags (9 pieces) Each main material is a domestic luxury leather "cash register with a supple and suitable business scene.Uses "Lient Shrink Leather".The reinforcement and the accent part are used with tough "oil touch hard noodle leather" to create a design that combines durability and high quality.Teruko Yamato, a public relations of Tsuchiya Bag Manufacturing, talks about the commitment of "Blent"."The size is set so that the laptops and tablets required for telework can fit perfectly. The material uses tough cowhide, so you can enjoy the aging that is unique to leather and the more you use it.In addition, in terms of function, we have devised the details, such as enhancing pockets that are convenient for storing gadgets. From rough work styles to business scenes in suits, there are many products that are easy to match with various business styles.I am also particular about a certain design. "● 4 models that can be selected according to the application and preference From here, let's look at the features of such a" Blent "series for each model.First, "Brent Tote" features a design that uses large leather for both on and off.The storage capacity is outstanding, such as a 13 -inch notebook PC, A4 file, a 500ml plastic bottle, etc. can be carried on the main storage part.The top opening is a zipper specification.When you open the zipper, it can be dropped inside, so it is easy to use even if it is open.The handle, the root leather (the root of the handle), and the bottom are made of firm leather.While enhancing strength and durability, it is finished in a sharp design with a combination with high -quality grain leather.By the way, beside the zipper top has a convenient pocket for storing small items."Brent shoulder" is 10.Recommended for carrying business necessities, such as 2 inches, iPad, ID case, and business card holders.The interior also has a pen holder and a free pocket with "Apple Pencil".It is also possible to diagonally, and it is a specification that emphasizes lightness.In addition, the beautiful form by craftsmen tricks, such as luxurious one -piece leather tailoring and reinforcement, is also attractive, and it is an elegant impression even in suit.And the briefs are available in two sizes.The "Brent Brief", which is also active during business trips, and the compact "Brent Medium Brief" are 2 -way type briefs with detachable shoulder belts.The main storage part of "Brent Brief" can store 15 -inch laptops, A4 files, and 500ml plastic bottles.On the back is a convenient sleeve for fixing a suitcase.In addition, the bracket next to the body for attaching the shoulder belt can be stored inside and can be carried more beautifully.In addition, the two belts on the front and back play a role in the pillars supporting the main body, giving a tight impression in terms of design.On the other hand, "Brent Medium Brief" can store 13 -inch laptops, A4 files, and 500ml plastic bottles while being small.● The appeal of total support leather products from daily care to repair is that you can enjoy aging.You can enjoy the aging that the color that is bright and the leather will be soft and blends.However, if the bag itself breaks while using it, it will not be possible to continue.Therefore, Tsuchiya Bag Manufacturing provides free “care services” and paid “repair services” for all products for all products so that leather products can be used for a long time.These have been well received by users."If you bring a product to the store, the store staff who is familiar with the leather will determine the dryness of the leather and the condition of the scratches, and use special tools such as brushes of horse hair, brushing and oil.We will take care of care and other care. The time required is about 15-20 minutes per item. "(Mr. Yamato), but in the paid" repair service ", if you put a product for a certain period of time, a specialized craftsman.Will be in charge of repair.It will respond widely, such as re -stuffing the thread and replacing the damaged handle, so if you are broken, I would like to consult before giving up.While casual style is spreading in the office, the "Blent" series of Tsuchiya Bag Manufacturing, which has proposed a new bag value.It seems that you can enjoy a one -grade business style with high quality leather items.● Product specifications ・ Color: Black, dark brown, navy (all 4 type) ★ Blent Tote size: vertical 30.5 x horizontal 38 x bottom gusset 11.5cm ★ Brent shoulder size: 27 x horizontal 20.5 x thickness 7.5cm ・ Shoulder belt length: 44-58cm ★ Brent brief size: vertical 29.5 x horizontal 41 x bottom gusset 7.5cm / shoulder belt length: 22-54cm ★ Brent Medium Brief Size: Vertical 26.5 x 37 x bottom gusset 6cm / shoulder belt length: 25-57cm