About 100,000 Twitter followers!Popular creative watercolor illustration painter Natsuki, her first book has released a "painting" technique! "How to draw creative watercolor illustrations" released in February.

This is the first book by Natsuki, a creative watercolor illustration artist who is popular on Twitter. He is a popular artist with many people who want to know how to paint, so that his coloring making videos have been played tens of thousands of times. This book introduces the author's "painting" technique thoroughly. More than 750 photographs will be used to visually explain the author's unique "painting" technique, such as the use of transparent watercolor paints, rich colors, and a well-balanced look with a variety of color schemes. ●Point 1 Visual explanation of the "painting" of the watercolor illustration with a wealth of photographs A visual explanation of the making of the coloring of the 3 works with a total of over 750 photographs. Since the method of coloring is carefully followed, even beginners can paint something close to the model. ●Point 2 All 8 sketches for coloring books are printed on paper suitable for watercolors. It can be used any number of times by duplication tracing. The "watercolor making video" of the illustration in this book will be played 1 million times on the 5th day of release! https://twitter.com/natuki1016/status/1485592978173628417?s=20&t=vJaIR2lY3Im6aMKVXXlUKg Part 1: Natsuki-style creative watercolor illustration tips 5 Basic techniques for drafting, line drawing, and coloring, how to draw and paint faces, How to draw and paint the hands and body, item guide, how to draw and paint the background motif Part 2: Creative watercolor illustration Coloring process Coloring process 1 "The key to open the last door", Coloring process 2 "Shining in the moonlit night" Magic", Coloring Making 3 "Prayer and Wish", Coloring Making Summary 1-3 Part 3: Creative watercolor illustration Coloring model collection 5 model works + color recipe for each work ●Introduction of Natsuki's painting materials, question box ●Appendix at the end: Coloring book Original watercolor illustration line art collection (8 works in total) Natsuki Born in Miyagi Prefecture. Graduated from Nippon Designer Art College. Started posting on SNS in 2014 and has 95,000 followers. Currently active mainly on SNS and exhibitions. I like the colorful and cute view of the world, and I have been creating works using transparent watercolor since I was a student. I like anime from the 90's. Twitter: https://twitter.com/natuki1016/ Book title: How to draw a creative watercolor illustration [with underpainting] Author: Natsuki Release date: February 2022 Specifications: B5, average, total 144 pages List price: 1,980 yen (10% tax included) ISBN: 978-4-7661-3634-0http://www.graphicsha.co.jp/detail.html?p=46721

About 100,000 Twitter followers! Natsuki, a popular creative watercolor illustration artist, reveals her painting techniques in her first book!!

Title: Watercolor Drawing Nature Guide to Drawing Sky, Clouds, Mountains, Trees, Haze, Water, and Rocks

Author: Toshiyuki Abe Release date: November 2019 Specifications: B5 variant, average production, total 112 pages List price: 2,200 yen (10% tax included) ISBN: 978-4-7661-3327-1

http://www.graphicsha .co.jp/detail.html?p=39926

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