Panasonic CNS to IT provider - Corporate change worked by former Microsoft CTO, Japan Microsoft CTO

Aiming to be a CTO that continues to be an engineer

It is presumed that Mr. Sakakibara's entry into Panasonic CNS was the strong intention of President Higuchi behind the scenes.


Sakakibara says he has not cleared that, but says, "I have the desire to work with President Higuchi again, and I'm exciting to be able to realize it."

"Panasonic CNS is trying to change the business itself. The aim is to become an IT provider by acquiring Blueyonder, and I felt the size of the jump and the seriousness of it. At first.I was looking at the trends, but at a good timing I had Panasonic CNS invited me to get on this wave. I wanted to be involved in the transformation of Panasonic's business model, so the acquisition of Blueyonder is strong this time.It is motivated. "


"My biggest mission as a CNS CTO is to drive Blue Yonder solutions from the technology side and make CNS a IT provider, and focus on it."

"What I want to achieve in the future is to change the entire Panasonic group. As a breakthrough, Panasonic will change the technologies that match the times into a company that can provide B2B and B2C. For that purpose.I want to be a step stone. "

It also mentions the CTO he is aiming for.

"I myself love technology and I am proud that I have technical skills."Creating a strategy, touching on technology, aiming for a CTO who continues to be an engineer. "