The reason why there are many fuel troubles in "Hiace" The possibility of damaging the engine Frequent mistakes in fueling in Toyota "Hiace"? Why do fuel problems occur

What is the difference between high octane and regular?

There are three types of car fuel available at gas stations throughout Japan: regular, high-octane, and diesel. Light oil is basically a fuel for diesel vehicles, but both regular and high-octane fuels are for gasoline vehicles. What are the differences?

Usually, a car engine evaporates fuel, mixes it with air, ignites it, and then explodes it (combusts it) to generate driving force.

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In addition, "knocking (vibration and sound)" will occur if it does not explode at the optimum timing.

For this reason, the fuel that matches the characteristics of the gasoline engine is specified, and high-octane fuel is specified for engines that want to burn properly with a high compression ratio, and regular fuel is specified for other engines.

The difference between regular and high-octane is distinguished by a numerical value called octane, and the JIS standard for Japanese industrial products stipulates that high-octane is 96.0 or higher and regular is 89.0 or higher.

In terms of regional trends, European cars tend to be designated as high-octane, while North American cars tend to be designated as regular.

The gas station staff said:

"Basically, please put the fuel specified by the manufacturer.

However, there is no problem if you put high octane in a regular car, and even if you put regular in recent high octane cars, the knocking sensor will correct the combustion, so it seems that it will not break.

Hiace has many fuel problems Possibility of damaging the engine Frequent fuel mistakes in Toyota

However, since the manufacturer specifies the fuel that is compatible with the engine installed, it is correct to follow it."

Why are Toyota Hiace so often mistyped?

It is said that there are many troubles caused by putting in the wrong type of oil when refueling a car.

Regular/high-octane and light oil burn differently.

In a gasoline engine, a spark plug shoots sparks into the atomized fuel to burn the fuel, but in a diesel engine, the air is compressed, heated to a high temperature, and then injected with light oil to ignite spontaneously. It's burning.

In the unlikely event that light oil is accidentally put into a gasoline car, it will first mix with the gasoline remaining in the gasoline tank and burn.

However, it will gradually become incomplete combustion, and symptoms such as a decrease in output and black smoke will be seen, and eventually the engine may stop.

On the other hand, if regular/high-octane fuel is used in a diesel engine, it may eventually damage the engine because regular oil has lower lubricity than light oil and uses a different fuel system.

The staff of the roadside assistance company talks about the mistake in refueling as follows.

If you put in the wrong fuel, depending on the degree, major maintenance and repairs such as removing the fuel from the tank and cleaning the engine are required.

As a model with many mistakes, it is Toyota "Hiace", and I hear cases of mistakes even in Mazda cars.

In addition to setting gasoline and diesel models in the current model of Hiace, Mazda also has both in the same model.

When renting a car, it seems that diesel is put in with the image of "Hiace is a diesel because it is a commercial vehicle".

Also, there are many people who thought it was light oil because it was a light car, or carelessly because it was a different car than usual. These are all troubles that occur when refueling for the first time, so please be careful.”

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Inadvertently putting the wrong fuel in can be costly. It is important to check the specified fuel before riding in an unfamiliar car.