Severe city construction sim "Farthest Frontier" to be released in early access in 2022. Overcome plagues and invaders to build a prosperous metropolis from scratch

Developer Crate Entertainment announced on February 28 that the city-building simulation Farthest Frontier will begin early access in 2022. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam).

"Farthest Frontier" is a simulation game that develops a settlement from an undeveloped wilderness and creates a city full of people. To build a town, you first need resources. There are 14 types of raw materials in this work. Collect wood, stone, clay, iron ore, wild herbs, honey and more. There are 17 types of food. In addition to food, you can secure fish and prey for hunting. Furthermore, there are 10 types of edible grains, each with different characteristics. In addition, 32 types of craft items and materials can be produced.

Cities can grow from small settlements to bustling cities. Grow your city by constructing 50 different buildings. City centers and houses can be developed gradually. As the development of the city increases, the tier of the building goes up. Also, by developing production facilities, you can produce more efficiently and create even more advanced items.

In this work, agricultural elements are also built in. Each of the 10 types of grain has different characteristics, so combine them well to create a farming rotation. It keeps the soil nutritious and prevents damage from heat waves and cold. In addition, we must protect agricultural products from epidemics. It takes time to plow the land and remove weeds and rocks. Maximize your grain production by mixing and conditioning your soil to ensure you have enough food to feed your growing population.

City residents move and live in real time. For example, bring in supplies from a distant workplace, turn them into materials in the city, or craft items. Food and goods are also brought into houses and trading posts and stored for later use. If the road is maintained, carts will be able to pass. Also, by improving the way food and supplies are stored, they can be transported more efficiently and prevented from spoiling.

Severe city construction sim

Maps are randomly generated in this game. For that reason, the environment changes every time you play, and it seems that the generation of the terrain changes and the arrangement of resources changes. Player control is also possible, and the water source and mountain placement can be adjusted. Depending on how you play, you can also generate extremely difficult maps that await unique challenges.

The in-game environment affects gameplay in many ways. For example, the basic idea would be to use the abundant materials in the land to produce items, and then acquire the scarce materials by trading them. In addition, animal protection is also necessary for the operation of the city. Build fences to ward off deer and keep bears from attacking your food storage. Planting trees can also prevent groundwater from drying up. It is also important to strike a balance between securing open land for agriculture and nature conservation, where wild medicinal herbs and fodder can be obtained.

The threat in this work is the presence of a wide variety of plagues. For example, not having clean water increases the risk of dysentery and cholera. You can also supply foods such as berries and greens to prevent scurvy and keep your population well nourished. It is also necessary for residents to wear shoes and clothes properly. Otherwise, the risk of tetanus, rabies, and frostbite increases. If a sick person comes out, build a healer's house and isolate it. It can also be treated by giving herbs and medicines. Furthermore, it is necessary to take countermeasures against rats infesting the city. Collect garbage properly and store food properly. You can also prevent plague epidemics by hiring mousetraps.

Sometimes you also need to fight invaders of various levels. For defense, start with wooden fences and build solid stone walls. Build towers and barracks, hire soldiers and equip them. The more the city develops, the more likely it is to attract the attention of looters, so it's a good idea to prepare a solid defense. However, this work also has a difficulty adjustment function, and it is possible to avoid battle by turning on pacifist mode. By turning off functions such as invaders and diseases, you can also enjoy leisurely town planning. Of course, by setting the difficulty level higher, you can also test your own abilities.

"Farthest Frontier" is said to be able to play for more than 10 hours at the time of early access delivery, with core systems and functions implemented. Players will first settle in the wilderness, build a city in four stages, and prevent looters from entering. The early access delivery period is scheduled for 4 to 8 months.

Farthest Frontier developer Crate Entertainment is the studio behind the popular hack-and-slash action RPG Grim Dawn. The game has sold over 7 million copies on Steam/Humble Store/GOG.com, and the Steam store review has earned a "very positive" status from over 60,000 reviews. I would like to expect a full-fledged city construction simulation from a studio that is characterized by solid game making.

Farthest Frontier will be available on Steam for PC in early access in 2022.