Daily dental care, are you doing it in the right order? Daily tooth care recommended by dentists

A dental care routine that keeps your teeth beautiful

In recent years, awareness of dental care to protect teeth from various troubles such as discoloration and tooth decay has increased in Japan, and it is becoming common sense to combine not only brushing teeth but also extra steps. What is really important in such dental care is the order in which they are taken in.

“I think a lot of people put dental care in the wrong order compared to skin care,” London-based periodontist Dr. Reena Wadia told Allure. He explained that there are times when the function of the product is not fully demonstrated. She says that sticking to the correct order of dental care is key to keeping your teeth beautiful and healthy for a long time. So what is the "correct order" that dentists think?

It's a four-step process: mouthwash first, floss second, brush your teeth third, and brush your tongue fourth. The dentist explained why this order is appropriate.

Mouthwash is the first thing you want to incorporate in dental care. Dr. Rob Raimondi, a dentist in New York, advises, ``It is important to wash away the bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay at the beginning of care, so it is always good to start with mouthwash at first, regardless of whether it is morning or evening.'' . By the way, when you're asleep, less saliva is produced and bacteria are more active, so the first mouthwash step in the morning is especially important.


Also, it is NG to incorporate mouthwash after brushing because it will wash away even the good ingredients of the toothpaste.

Mouthwash is followed by dental floss, which removes dirt between teeth that is difficult to reach with brushing.

As for why it should be taken before brushing, Dr. Wadia says, ``If you use dental floss to remove dirt between your teeth before brushing, the toothpaste will be able to get in between your teeth properly, so take it in before brushing your teeth. is best," he explained. By using dental floss in advance, you can spread the toothpaste.

Brush your teeth after using mouthwash and dental care. Dr. Sharon Huang, a dentist in New York, says, ``Be sure to gently and carefully brush the outside and inside of all teeth and the gums,'' and advises to keep brushing for at least two minutes.

By the way, many dentists recommend using an electric toothbrush to brush your teeth. Electric toothbrushes are designed to gently and properly massage teeth and gums, removing more plaque than a regular toothbrush.

The last thing to do is brush your tongue. "Your tongue can harbor more bacteria than you think, and if you don't clean it properly, it can cause bad breath," Wadia explains. By brushing your tongue at the end of your daily care, you can prevent bad breath.

In addition to using a regular toothbrush, it is also good to use a special tongue brush.

Dentists recommend incorporating these four steps every day, both in the morning and at night. If you haven't been able to do it in the correct order until now, please refer to it. (Front row editorial department)