[Latest in 2022] Explanation of how to register DAZN for docomo with images | 31 days 0 yen free trial reception until April 17

Did you know that DAZN for docomo can be used by non-docomo users?

You can use DAZN's 31-day free trial just by creating a d account (free).

▶ [0 yen for 31 days by applying until April 17] Register for a free trial from the DAZN for docomo official website

In this article, we will introduce in detail how to register for a free trial of DAZN for docomo with images.

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What is the difference between DAZN and DAZN for docomo?

The biggest difference between "DAZN" and "DAZN for docomo" is that the application method is different.

"DAZN" performs viewing registration directly from the official website, but "DAZN for docomo" performs viewing registration linked to d account.

If you tell only this, you may feel that the former is "easier?" For this reason, even if you register as a new user, you will be charged immediately. (3,000 yen/tax included for a monthly contract)

【2022年最新】DAZN for docomoの登録方法を画像付きで解説|31日間0円の無料トライアル受付は4月17日まで

"DAZN for docomo" will also abolish the free trial after April 18, 2022, and the monthly fee will be raised from 1,925 yen to 3,000 yen, but in fact, if you register as a new user by April 17, you will receive a 31-day free trial. In addition to being able to use , you can continue to use the monthly fee of 1,925 yen as long as you do not cancel.

Of course, there is no difference in the content that can be viewed. "DAZN for docomo" can also use DAZN apps and browsers, and all distributed content can be viewed.

[Smartphone version] DAZN for docomo free trial registration method

Here, we will introduce how to apply for a free trial of DAZN for docomo from a smartphone or tablet.

There are three main steps. You can start watching in just 5 minutes, so please refer to the following steps.

Tap the red button that says "First-time users can try for free for the first month." Tap "Issue d account". Select "Customers who do not have a docomo mobile phone line" (for non-docomo users).

Register the email address you use for login. Enter the one-time password sent to your email address. Enter required information such as password and name.

Enter your credit card information and select "Confirm". Confirm the terms and conditions and click “Complete application”. Launch the "DAZN app" and select "d ACCOUNT". Enter the ID and password you set earlier to log in. Completion of registration!

[PC version] DAZN for docomo free trial registration method

DAZN for docomo can also be applied for a free trial from a personal computer.

The registration procedure is not much different from that of a smartphone, so if you wish to register via a PC, please refer to the following.


Tap the red button "Try the first month for free for the first time".

Tap "Customers who do not have a docomo mobile phone line".

Enter the one-time password that will be sent to your email address.


Enter the necessary information such as password, name, and credit card information, and go to the confirmation screen.

After registration is complete, launch the DAZN app. Select d ACCOUNT on the login screen.

Enter the "ID" and "Password" of the d ACCOUNT you set up earlier to log in. *Please note that if the same credit card has been applied for free in the past, the free benefits will not be applied except in some cases.

▶ [31 days 0 yen viewing until 4/17 application! ] Click here for a free trial of DAZN for docomo