Nordic gaming device brand "Xtrfy" releases ultra-lightweight gaming mouse

European high-end, professional e-sports equipment brand “Xtrfy”

Techtech Co., Ltd. Official Japanese distributor of Scandinavian Swedish gaming machine maker “Xtrfy” Techtech Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture) will release an ultra-lightweight gaming mouse on November 15th. Xtrfy sells "e-sports equipment" that goes beyond gaming devices, developed based on the experience of professional players of the top professional e-sports team Ninjas in Pajamas (commonly known as NiP) in Northern Sweden. Company. Founded in 2000, Ninjas in Pajamas is one of the world's strongest professional esports teams. It is famous as a CS:GO (CSGO, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) team, and recently, a PUBG team is also active. The super lightweight gaming mouse to be released this time is M4 RGB. Available in 5 different color versions: Black, White, Retro, Miami Blue and Pink.

M4 mouse 5 color lineup

・Ultra-lightweight 69g, dustproof/splashproof structure, ergonomic design for right hand ・Pixart 3389 sensor, main switch made by Omron, Xtrfy EZ code ・RGB illumination ・CPI setting: 400/800/1200/1600/3200/4000/7200/16000 (Can be switched immediately with the switch on the back, no software required)・Polling rate setting: 125/500/1000 Hz (can be switched immediately with the switch on the back, no software required)・Detailed product information → https://www.xtrfy.jp/ index.php?m4 Product number: 701056JAN: 4562312234017 Product name: M4 RGB Black Right-handed ergonomic gaming mouse Price: 7,670 yen (excluding tax) Product number: 701057JAN: 4562312234024 Product name: M4 RGB White Right-handed ergonomic gaming mouse Price: 8,450 yen (excluding tax) Product number : 701158JAN: 4562312234031 Product Name: M4 RGB Retro Right Hand Ergonomic Gaming Mouse Price: 8,970 yen (excluding tax) Product Number: 701159JAN: 4562312234048 Product Name: M4 RGB Miami Blue Right Hand Ergonomic Gaming Mouse Price: 8,450 yen (excluding tax) Product Number: 701160J AN: 4562312234055 Product name : M4 RGB Pink Right Hand Ergonomic Gaming Mouse Price: 8,450 yen (excluding tax)

Nordic gaming device brand

Ninjas in Pajamas

■ Xtrfy Japanese Official Homepage https://www.xtrfy.jp/ ■ Xtrfy Japan Official Twitter https://twitter.com/Xtrfy_Japan ■ Xtrfy Sweden Official Homepage (English) http://xtrfy.com/ ■ Xtrfy CEO Interview Article (External site: Brand story is posted) https://dpqp.jp/entry/post-15283 ■ Publisher: Japanese authorized distributor Tech Tech Co., Ltd. https://www.tech2.co.jp ■ Sweden​ Professional team Ninjas in Pajamas official website (English) https://nip.gl/「WELCOME TO PROJECT 4.」 Please look forward to the 4th generation Xtrfy device. In the future, following the ultra-lightweight M4 mouse, we plan to release the eSports compatible tenkeyless keyboard K4.
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