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As a new normary way of working, work at home with a feeling of established (in some cases).I guess you've come to see what's missing to work.

If you have started working from home, you have increased your eyestrain and have begun to learn headaches and stiff shoulders, so you may want to review your desk light.It is easy to think that the PC display is emitting light and there is no need for brightness, but PC work in a dark room is a great burden for the eye muscles.It is better to match the brightness of the display and the brightness of the room as much as possible.Descright is useful for adjusting its brightness.

Descright (Amazon)

The desklight light source includes traditional fluorescent lights and LEDs.Fluorescent lamps are inexpensive, but depending on the things, there is a flicker, so it can put a burden on your eyes.LEDs are somewhat expensive, but have the advantage of long life.In addition, it is perfect for this season when the summer is in the summer because it is hard to save and have heat.

The point when choosing is what kind of shape it is and whether dimming and toning is possible.

The stand type has a sense of stability and can be installed anywhere, but a large ground area is required.It can be said that it is suitable for home nomad workers that do not have a specific work space.

The clamp type is outstanding stable because furniture is inserted in screws.And I don't take up space.If you have a fixed work space and want to use your desk spaciously, choose this.

LED lighting light is highly directive and is not radiated in all directions in 360 degrees like fluorescent lights and bulbs.For such a reason, I feel dark, and when I look at the light source directly, I feel uncomfortable.What is suitable for work is those that illuminates the whole, and those that can freely change the orientation of the light.If you can brighten the place you want to illuminate, it will be easier to concentrate on your work.

In addition, you want to choose something that can be dimmered so that the display and the brightness of the room can be aligned.If you can change the color from daylight color to light bulb (toning), depending on the toning color, you can increase your concentration when working, and you can relax during breaks.

Yamada Lighting Zet Light Z-N1100W

A clamp -type LED desklight that allows stepless light and four -step toning

Yamada Lighting Zet Light Z-N1100Wは、調光/調色のできるLEDデスクライトです。取り付け方式はクランプ式。最大4.Put a 5cm table.The maximum brightness is an incandescent ball 80W, and steplessness is possible.It is toned in four stages: light bulb (3000k), white (4000k), day white (5000k), and day white (6200k).

The button is mounted on the shade.Because it is divided into on -off, dimming, and toning applications, it can be operated without confusion.Equipped with a soft start function that is gentle on the eyes and gradually brighter by pressing the on button once.If you are in a hurry, double click the button to make it 100%bright.

Shade width is about 327mm, upper arm + lower arm length is 250mm and 356mm, respectively.The depth of the mounting range is about 40mm.The selling price on Amazon is about 9300 yen.

Yamada Lighting Zet Light Z-N1100W(Amazon)


Operation is possible without touching the body by installing a sensor

Swan Ledic EXARM DIVAは、スタンド式のLEDデスクライト。Amazonでの販売価格は約2万2000円です。

It has a brightness equivalent to an incandescent ball 60W, and the power consumption is 0.5W to 6.4W.Equipped with a touchless switch, it can be turned on / off simply by holding your hand over the sensor attached to the shade.There are also five -stage dimming and toning functions, so you can change your brightness and color by moving your hand left and right on the touch sensor.

There are three movable parts in all.You can illuminate the place you aimed at.The height from the pedestal is about 86 cm, and the pedestal is 21 cm in diameter, so it is difficult to take up a place on the desk.Nevertheless, the feeling of use that can be operated without touching the body will be a habit.

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エンガジェット日本版 テレワークの相棒にしたい高機能デスクライト、おすすめ5選。調光、調色、タイマーなどを組み合わせて集中力をアップ

Swan Ledic EXARM DIVA(Amazon)


Equipped with a timer function that can be selected from 10 minutes and 40 minutes

クランプ式LEDデスクライトのJOLY JOY JH-DL2Aは、広範囲に均一に光を届けられるデスクスタンドです。クランプで挟める厚みは約6cm。ほとんどのデスクに取り付けられるでしょう。

There is also a dimming / toning function, the brightness is up to about 900lm, and the color can be expressed from bulb color to daylight color.The arm is equipped with a touch -type button, allowing all operations of lighting / off / dimming / toning / half lighting.There are three movable portions of the arm.The shade can also rotate 300 degrees, so it illuminates your favorite location.

What is unique is that it has a timer function.You can choose from 10 minutes and 40 minutes, so you can use a break after working for 40 minutes, and you can use it as a light bulb color, put a timer, and use it for falling asleep.JOLY JOY's unique "surface -emitting" LED, which is also characteristic.The selling price on Amazon is about 5300 yen.


OSSESS High -brightness -friendly desk light

With a memory function that automatically reproduces the brightness and color of the previous time

OSSESS High -brightness -friendly desk lightは、平面発光技術を採用した高輝度のクランプ式LEDデスクライトです。Amazonでの販売価格は約4600円。本体色ホワイトのほか、ブラックも用意されているので、インテリアに合わせて選べます。

From the brightness of 1780LUX (about the same as the room on a sunny day) at a position of 40 cm directly under the center, to night mode that is perfect for falling asleep, it can be steplessly.It can be toned from warm 2700K to 6500K, which is ideal for work, so it seems to be useful in various scenes.

The four switches: on -off, dimming, toning, and timer that can be operated by combining and holding and holding are mounted on the shade part.The timer can be selected from 10 minutes and 40 minutes.With an automatic memory function that automatically reproduces the brightness and color of the previous time when the power is turned on.

The thickness of the table that the clamp supports is about 6cm.It can be used in most workbenches.The 46cm arm is a rotating type of 360 degrees.Light is applied in any direction.

OSSESS 高輝度 目に優しいDescright (Amazon)

Iris Ohyama LED Descright Qi Charging Series Vertical Light Type Land LDL-QLDL

A little useful desk light equipped with a Qi charging stand and a charging USB port

Qi充電スタンドと充電用USBポート付きのちょっと便利なデスクライトが、Iris Ohyama LED Descright Qi Charging Series Vertical Light Type Land LDL-QLDLです。Amazonでの販売価格は約4000円。

Of course, the function as a death class is firmly held down.The illuminance directly under the light is 2500LUX, which is about the same brightness as the window on a sunny day, and supports detailed work.Stepless dimming is possible according to the display and the brightness of the room.It also has a toning function, and can be selected from three stages: light bulb, day white, and daylight.It is convenient to be able to work well when you want to work well or when you want to relax.

The Qi charging stand allows you to immediately check the notifications reached on your smartphone compared to the flat type, so you can prevent important information leakage.Because it is a stand type, you can easily move in the house.The ground area is 13.7 × 8.At 4cm, I don't take much space.The height is up to 43cm.The angle can be adjusted with the bending arm.

Iris Ohyama LED Descright Qi Charging Series Vertical Light Type Land LDL-QLDL(Amazon)

Descright (Amazon)

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