Attempted suicide due to internet slander Thoughts of a former announcer who entered the priesthood Attempted suicide in internet slander hell and entered the priesthood... Former female announcer identifies the perpetrator with tenacity "I want to create a shelter for victims"

When I asked for experiences of slander on Bengo4.com's LINE, I was contacted by a woman who had even attempted suicide. To combat her "hell-like" suffering, she chose to identify and confront her detractors.

Mr. Kiyoshi Hogyo (55). Originally, he had been active as an announcer in various fields for a long time, but he was stalked by a man in the industry and turned into an incident. , the real "hell" awaited after the incident.

When a man died in an accident shortly after his arrest, all public attention was interrupted and he was attacked by severe Internet slander.

Training at Mt. Hiei to overcome suffering. He is currently working as a monk ``Keiji Kiyo''. For those who also suffer from slander, I plan to create a "kakekomi temple" where I can consult. (Editorial department, Kenshin Tsukada)

● "Identified" in the stalker case report

She was a good woman who appeared at the meeting place. She said, "I'm growing it out in hopes that the coronavirus will end. I usually shave it off, so this is long hair for me. I'm going to shave it again."

The business card that was handed out said, "Tendai sect monk, box business." It was a difficult three years until the resolution that she spoke from her mouth.

It was 2015 that I became a victim of a stalker incident. I started receiving persistent phone calls and e-mails from Mr. A, who is related to my work, and submitted a damage report. Mr. A was arrested on suspicion of violating the stalking control law (summary order of fine for intimidation).

It was reported that the victim was a female announcer in her 50s who lived in Gunma Prefecture and was a former dating partner.

Before Mr. A's arrest, he had written articles on his blog, such as ``The money was stolen from Mr. A.'' On the women's side, they started criticizing me."

"It was written that they were dating and their money was taken, but the content is not true." It was made into a ``former partner who took money from a master.'' The positions of the victim and the perpetrator were reversed, and slander on the Internet began.

● Unexpected death. Internet slander you've been waiting for

The attack that hits you will swell many times over. Mr. A passed away in an unexpected accident not long after it was reported. It was written that ``Is it suicide because of the incident?''

On SNS such as Twitter, online bulletin boards, and summary sites, there is a lot of information about "Isn't the Digging Island F going to die?" "I'm waiting for you to hang me."

"I felt that there were hundreds of thousands of cases of slander. Not only was it on the Internet, but the harassment escalated, with people ringing their home phones and sending packages without permission."

●Isolation in the real world, and attempted suicide

The unreasonable slander took away his morale and even his job. The appearance program was dropped, and the serialization of the newspaper was also discontinued. It seems that the TV station hated receiving complaints from viewers. The newspaper company said, ``It is said that the public has been flooded.

Even the people in the industry, who I thought of as my friends and trusted them, ignored the contacts from Mr. An acquaintance wrote on his Facebook page that he was a "murderer" and that "this woman must have taken money."

Because I lost my beloved mother earlier this year, there is no one in the world to help me. I broke the chain that lost everything.

“When I talk about things like this, people tell me not to look at slander, but slander is a monster that attracts the eyes of the victim. I cut my wrists and took a lot of medicine, but I couldn't die."

Shortly survived and decided to fight. Because I thought like this.

"If I die like this, I will be deemed to have admitted a crime that didn't exist, just like what the net wrote. I have to catch even one person. If I don't take action for that, my heart will really break."

● "I couldn't forgive only this person." He filed a private information request, but the content provider did not disclose his IP address. A second request through a lawyer was also rejected.

At the same time, I complained to the police, but they did not respond as kindly as in the case of the stalker. He was ruthlessly sent away saying, "Be patient because it's a famous tax" and "Don't look at it."

"It took three years for the police to take action. We had the support of the victim's association, the chairman of the bar association, and people who had connections with the police, and managed to listen to what we had to say. So when I submitted the materials, they were surprised, 'Is it this bad?'"

One contributor has been criminally prosecuted for defamation.

"I just couldn't forgive this person. Since the early days, I've been writing on the Q&A site over and over again with the same ID, and it's been reposted on the bulletin board, and many threads have started up. He was the one who broke my heart when I wrote, ``Aren't you going to hang yourself?''

"In May and June of 2017, when I was on Mt. Hiei for training, the police visited the poster's home and voluntarily questioned him. It seems that there was a history of writing on the PC. ”. He admitted writing. He was a man around the age of 40 who graduated from a prestigious university and worked for a ministry.

Attempted suicide due to online slander Thoughts of a former announcer who entered the priesthood Attempted suicide in the net slander hell, and entered the priesthood... Former female announcer identifies the perpetrator with obsession

It is said that he asked for a settlement immediately after his arrest.

It is said that the letter sent by the representative lawyer contained the man's selfish words as they were.

"It's unavoidable to be so angry. The reason is that so many people are writing on the Internet. I don't mean anything. Other people It's not bad because I just saw it written and wrote it," Takahashi explains.

I'm amazed and speechless.

"In the past, he was arrested for arson threats. This is a repeat offense. There is no settlement, so I turned back the letter and called him."

● Perpetrator reading slanderous sentences in front of relatives

In February 2018, I met with the poster for the first time at the office of the company.

"He came to the lawyer's office with his parents. At that time, I had already completed my training on Mt.

Why did you do this? The questioning time was 3 hours. Even that amount of time was not enough to get rid of the curse that had accumulated over the past three years.

"When I saw the news on the net, everyone was saying a lot of things, and I thought I should give my opinion. I decided to judge this woman."

A man who speaks of selfish motives is approached with deafening deafness. “I gave him a copy of his slander and had him read it to his parents.

My mother, who was there with me, was crying because she wished I hadn't given birth, and my father just told me that he was mentally ill. To me, it seemed like nothing but tears, and nothing resounded."

"I didn't expect to get caught", "I'm sorry", "I won't do it again". Along with such an apology, she also said, "I will quit her job."

-The reason why he was able to endure the difficult training was to solve the case.

``If I was dead, you would have become a murderer. You can easily kill someone without stabbing them with a knife. I've come to my senses.

After 60 days of training on Mt. His ribs were also cracked. I got over it thinking that I could not die until I saw your face. I want to thank you for that."

At the end of the discussion, I said so and parted.

● Meet with 3 perpetrators who make excuses "I'm a weakling"

Abo met three assailants. Both are trend bloggers who posted slanderous articles such as ``murder'' and ``he took money''. The lawyer was contacted by sending a message through the contact form on the blog.

I posted an apology and correction on my blog, demanded a direct apology, and said that if I did not respond, I would take legal action.

When I actually met them, they had something in common.

"I'm on welfare." "I can't even pay the train fare here."

We have requested attorneys' fees from the three, but they have not been paid. The man who filed a criminal complaint was forced to pay his attorney's fees. I asked for the deletion of the post, but it seems that it will cost about 300,000 yen per deletion. It probably hasn't been deleted.

"I haven't got a single yen in my hand. Over the years, I have nothing to gain. Like the police said, pretend you didn't see it and live a normal life. If I go back, the expense will be 0 yen.

● Thoughts on Hana Kimura

I accepted the interview this time because I saw the tragedy of Hana Kimura who died due to slander on the Internet, and I couldn't stand it. "I was like her. I felt I had to share my experience.

It's hard to fight slander. Writing "I'll kill you" is a threat, but writing "Please die" doesn't count as a threat, so I can't investigate. That's what the police told me. The position of the victim is really weak.

If you spit in heaven, I want the world to come back to you. If the lawyer didn't work hard, I wouldn't have been saved."

●My role is to create a last-minute temple

Currently, in Gunma Prefecture, where I live, an ordinance is about to be enacted to establish a support system for victims of online slander. The government is also moving in the same way to expedite disclosure requests.

"Regulation is necessary. Some people have said that the good things about the Internet will disappear, but I think it's strange to use it as a tool for personal attacks."

The reason I desperately wanted to become a monk was because I wanted to help others who were also suffering. He is preparing to turn his house into a temple.

"I will make it a last-minute temple that accepts slander. I took a detour for a long time and overcame slander, but I think that such an experience will surely be useful for the victim. I will advise you to ask a lawyer. I think I can tell you what to do."