Recommended keyboard customization with colorful keycaps

Why not customize your keyboard for a change of pace? It's been a long time since a hardcore engineer used an ultimate simple keyboard with no fonts and thought, "Cool!!!" Nowadays, even if you're not a hardcore engineer, it's time to casually customize your keyboard. So, the US Gizmodo editorial department played with keyboard customization. The color of Razer's keycap set is exquisitely cute...!

Customizing mechanical keyboards is hot these days. If you look at Instagram or TikTok, you'll see tons of colorful computer setups. For many years, black was the only option, which is nice.

Razer, which has released a lot of black glove gaming gear, has now released colorful keycaps. I would like to take this opportunity to customize it. This time I used "Razer PBT Keycap + Coiled Cable Upgrade Set" and "Razer Phantom Keycap Upgrade Set". The former PBT Keycap is a type with a cable. There is also a set of keycaps only. The colors are black (black), white (Mercury White), green (green), and pink (Quartz Pink). The Phantom set is only black and white, and is made of ABS resin.

There are various third-party customized keycaps, but I'm glad that a main company like Razer provides them. Especially for those who are already Razer users. Customized hardcore people sometimes order it, but Razer's one is a set with everything you need, and it's shipped immediately, so it's easy to use. Above all, it's good that it's cheap.

This Razer keycap set is also compatible with other companies' keyboards, but the basics are for Razer keyboards. However, Razer's eye on the growing customized keyboard market makes us hope that there will be more developments in the future.

This time I tried to customize 2 patterns. The keyboard used is Razer's wireless keyboard "BlackWidow V3 Mini Hyperspeed Phantom Edition". The first is a yellow switch keyboard with a pink cap and cable. The second is a white Phantom set on a keyboard with green switches. I added a wristless version without a numeric keypad.

A PBT keycap with cable costs about $50 (6,280 yen in Japan). When you open the box, there are four trays with keys, and each tray is in order to be removed from the keyboard and installed. The number of keycaps in the set is 120. Compatible with Razer small (60%), tenkeyless (TKL) and full size mechanical/optical keyboards. If it is a standard US / UK layout, it is said that keyboards of other companies can also be used. Unfortunately, the Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini keyboard was not filled, so I left about 7 black ones.


The feel of the PBT cap is slightly more premium than the BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed's Double Shot ABS cap. While PBT is more durable, it is a bit more labor intensive to produce and is more expensive than the double-shot ABS commonly used in keyboards. I think that ABS is easier to use (that shiny keyboard). That said, Razer's PBT and ABS products have roughly the same feel to the touch, so I don't think it would feel out of place to mix and use them.

I like that it includes a tool to remove the keycaps. It also comes with a stabilizer for the keyboard, so keyboard users from other companies will be happy. However, in the middle of the work, I couldn't find the space bar stabilizer because it flew away somewhere, so even Razer users are happy to include the stabilizer. By doing so, it is a set that does not break your heart in the middle of work.

This time it's a set with a cable, so the cable is also pink. 150mm fiber braid type cable. USB-C/USB-A. It's the same color, but if you look closely, the cable is lighter than the keycap. I thought it would be easy to use, but both the function and length are general and there is no problem.

You can't judge keycaps in a short period of time. I think the most important thing is the sebum on your hands, the dirt on your fingers from snacks, and the deterioration over time due to sunlight from the window, etc. As for the keycap replacement process itself, it was smooth and took about an hour to replace the 68 keys. I usually use DSA shallow keycaps, so I feel a little higher (deeper) than usual, but my typing speed is 102 words per minute, which is the same as usual. Razer users will enjoy using the Synapse app to customize the LED lighting as well.

The Phantom set has a stealth design. The upper part of the key is matte, and the lower half is see-through. If you look only at the keys, they look completely plain and without printing, but when you look through the light, they are clearly written. It's a nice design, but it's hard to work with because of it. Because I had to check the key caps through the light every time I changed the keys. However, I was able to complete the work within an hour.

It has 128 keycaps and supports Razer 60%, 65%, no numeric keypad, and full size keyboards. As with the PBT set, the stabilizer and key removal tool are also included. This time, I had enough keycaps to switch everything, but I was so annoyed that it took so long to find the UP/DOWN keys, so I left them alone.

Compared to the PBT keycaps, the Phantom set keys feel more stable. I like the pure white solid look, but the LED lights are also great. In this customization, I was a little worried about the black frame on the base of the white keycap, but I also thought that the white cap could be used in combination with other colors.

Don't forget the stabilizer. If it comes off, you have to put it back on, otherwise it will be difficult to type because there is no feeling of spring. If you skip it, you will have to start over later. (I forgot with the spacebar and started over.)

Wristless is a little softer than what is often included. It comes in handy when you have a long typing job.

If you are already a Razer keyboard user and are tired of the black look, I definitely recommend the customization set! Just a touch of color can make a big difference. There are many colorful and uniquely designed keycaps from other companies, but it is safe and easy for Razer users to be able to work within the framework of Razer. In addition to Razer, it can be used with third-party products, and the stabilizer and removal tool are included, making it an easy kit for beginners to build and modify personal computers.

For those who want to make their desks more comfortable to match with their keyboard customization, Ligitech's microphone cover is recommended. Depending on the color of your keyboard, this headset might be good too.