2.5GBASE-T LAN card, Planex, which is high-speed and redundant with multiple ports, is released


 複数ポート搭載で高速&冗長化の2.5GBASE-T LANカード、プラネックスが発売

Planex Communications Co., Ltd. 2.2 PCIE connection LAN card products with 4/2 ports were released for 5GBASE-T.Then, 4-port "GPE-2500-4T" sells for 17,600 yen and 2 ports "GPE-2500-2T" for 18,000 yen.[See another image about this article] GPE-2500-4T is PCI Express 2.1 x4, GPE-2500-2T is PCI Express 2.With 1 x1 connection, the LAN controller is equipped with a REALTEK RTL8125B, which is the successor to the RTL8125, as in the 1-port "GPE-2500-T".It is said that the power consumption of less than 700MW, which is less than 1/5 of the general 10GBE LAN card, has been achieved.The PCI Express bridge controller is compatible with the bandwidth of PCIE GEN2 × 2, and has a low delay and power -saving ASMEDIA ASM1806.By installing multiple LAN ports, it is possible to divide the network segment and build a router by WAN/LAN connection.In addition, the technology called chiming (bonding) or link aggregation (LAG), which combines multiple LANs into one, can continue to communicate with other lines when one network line is cut off by load distribution.You can build an environment that has a redundancy.Compatible OS is Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7, Windows Server 2022/2019/2016/2012 R2/2012, Linux Kernel 5.6.Windows supports up to 16KBytes and Linux is a maximum of 9KBYTES jumbo frames.The body size (width x depth x height) and weight are 78g for GPE-2500-4T for 111 x 69 x 19 mm, GPE-2500-4T is 101 x 63 x 18 mm and 48g.Both products come with a Low Profile bracket.

Internet Watch, Iwasaki Mamoru