Mobile line docomo fixed phone "home Denwa" started on March 29

NTT DoCo will start offering a fixed-line phone service using the mobile network, "Home Denwa", from March 29th. Pre-order from the 25th. Along with the start of the home phone service, a special model "home phone HP01" will also be released, and it will be possible to install a landline phone without construction work. [See another image related to this article] "Home Denwa" is a fixed-line phone service using DoCoMo's mobile network that allows you to make and receive calls from fixed-line phone numbers starting with an area code such as "03". Even people who need a fixed phone number for starting a new life can start using it without construction work by preparing a fixed phone and "home phone HP01" and subscribing to the home phone service. Even if you are currently using a fixed-line phone service, you can easily migrate by simply applying for Home Denwa and connecting Home Denwa HP01 to your fixed-line phone. You can choose from two plans for the home phone: "home phone light (1,078 yen/month)" and "home phone basic (2,178 yen/month)." If you are a subscriber of Docomo's smartphone or home router "home 5G", you can get a monthly discount of 528 yen by applying the "home phone set discount" and use home phone light for 550 yen a month. home phone HP01 is a 4G LTE terminal manufactured by Sharp. The external dimensions are about 42 x 95 x 95mm and the weight is about 184g.

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