PS4 version of the masterpiece school adventure "Kowloon Demon Gakuzo" will be released!Package version reservation reception starts!

There are times when you missed the game you used to play in the past and took it out of the closet and just wanted to play with nostalgia after a few years.But even if you want to do it, isn't it possible to play because the main unit itself has already become sick and sick?It was released by Atlas Co., Ltd. in PlayStation2 in 2004, and it is a unique world view of youth, myths and occults.The new element was added in Nintendo Switch and became a hot topic.It is such "Kowloon Demon Gaku Sonoki", but following the Nintendo Switch version, Ark System Works Co., Ltd. is now HD Remastered in PlayStation4 and released "Kowloon Demon Gakuen Ki ORIGIN OFF ADVENTURE".It was announced that it will be done!

What is Kowloon Demon Gakuin Ki

The adventure RPG of the adventure RPG, which is popular in the unique worldview that combines youth and myths and occults, is an adventure RPG with two -sided school drama and treasure hunter.In the daytime, the adventure (ADV) part that operates a high school student's "treasure hunter (treasure hunter)" and lives a school life, and a role -playing (RPG) part that adventures the ancient archeological site that approaches the mystery of the story at night.While solving the mystery hidden in, it is divided into two parts that get the treasures of fighting with the monitor and sleeping at the deepest part.

It is an adventure part of the school part where unique characters are colored, but new recording from the one released in PlayStation2 at the time was newly recorded, and the original cast voice actor at that time was reunited (only a part of the voice actor) and the main cinema.Full voice has been realized!And the famous scenes such as the "Christmas event", which were highly evaluated by fans, have become full voices, so expectations will increase!This voice can be switched freely with the options!

And the role -playing part that appears different from the adventure part is the role -playing part.This is a dungeon RPG that explores the inside of the ancient archeological site composed of 3D maps and solves various mysteries and gimmicks.In the battle in the dungeon, an AP -turn battle that fights while consuming AP (action power) is incorporated, and every time you move or attack, the AP is consumed, and if you use it up, it is a system that turns turns.Attacks can be used to keep hitting until the biggest defense and the AP disappears, and the battle style varies carefully to fight and fight carefully.

What you should not forget is the unique system "emotion input system" that appears in "Kowloon Demon Gakuzo"!As you live in a school life, you will talk with various characters, and depending on your liking, special events will occur!In a conversation with the character, the reply on the player is a system in which nine types of emotions are selected from "love, joy, fuel, friend, sad, melancholy, cold, anger, and anger".Depending on the selected response, the liking of the character will increase, depending on the liking, the name of the hero will change, or if you infiltrate as a buddy in a roll -playing part, it may strengthen your skills!It affects various parameters, such as the opponent's reaction, favorability, and the conditions of the event occurrence, and it may be expanded to another conversation, so the width of the capture is wide.


"Kowloon Demon Gakuinoki ORIGIN OF ADVENTURE" will be released on March 18, 2022!

The PS4 version of "Kowloon Demon Gakuen Ki ORIGIN OF ADVENTURE" introduced this time is 6,380 yen (tax included) for both the package and download version, and will be released on March 18, 2022 (Fri)!Reservations have already started, and PC wallpaper comes with a privilege.There are about three months before the release, but I'm looking forward to what kind of new information will be announced in the future and the announcement of the benefits.The follow -up report will be updated on the Kowloon Demon Gakuinki official website, so let's wait for the release date while checking!

[New information] PS4 version "Kowloon Demon Gakuen Ki ORIGIN OF ADVENTURE" will be released on March 18, 2022 (Fri)!Package version reservation reception starts!

Let's infiltrate the school as a treasure hunt again and start on an adventure that searches for "Hidden Treasure"!

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- [Kowloon Demon Gaku Sonoki] Official Twitter (@kowloonooa_pr) Decementer 14, 2021


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