Bentley S1 Continental James Young 4 door Restoration second life Part 2

Encountering craftsmen with skill and passion

In the restoration of the Bentley S1 Continental, owner Ernie Warrender was particular about the high level of originality. I wanted equipment. Naturally, it had to match the classic interior.

So my friend Matthew Rhys, who is doing the restoration, has his eye on the Jaguar Land Rover head unit. It is said that it was relatively inexpensive and compatible with navigation, Bluetooth, and digital radio.

Working with woodworker Ayaven Riis, he built enclosures for the Boston Acoustics speakers in the front doors and C-pillars. The atmosphere is also matched with the mono speakers made by Tannoy at that time.

Finding craftsmen who can finish the interior within budget is one of Reese's most important tasks. “I was very lucky to meet a craftsman who had outstanding skills and passion, and who had a deep understanding of cars.

The rebuilding of the key cylinder is outsourced to a local company that specializes in keys. The cream-colored leather seats were remade by GCJ Automotive Reconditioning.

Bentley S1 Continental James Young 4 Second Life with Door Restoration Part 2

Glenn Grindrod, who specializes in Rolls-Royce restoration, sent me an email with lots of photos. To confirm the correct appearance of Bentley after completion.

Check the mileage at the sticker dealer

Mr. Ian Davis and Mr. Adrian Neal were asked to finish and paint the body panels. The smooth lines on the body sides are freehand by craftsmen. It also corresponds to the design of the hub cap.

"The wheel caps were ultimately finished by hand, not by machine. The cost was only £80. I was so impressed with the craftsmanship that I paid more." said Reese with a smile.

The engine started without too much trouble. Ian's father, Alun Davis, was a retired but accomplished mechanic. He adjusted the engine while listening to the sound, but no money was taken because he was involved in the beautiful mechanism.

There Warrender bought a fine malt whiskey. He gives it to Arun.

Bentley's history is gradually revealed when the restoration sees the light of the end. The first owner was Victor Ercolani, who made his fortune producing TV cabinets.

He probably liked coachbuilder James Young bodies and was willing to pay the £8,000 price tag for the S1 Continental. He had an accident in his Bentley while traveling with his wife. On the left front fender, I found a trace that had been neatly repaired.

After that, the S1 Continental went to France and North America. It had Marshall parking lights. The short mileage was confirmed by the dealer's sticker left on the rear window as a clue.

Sleek James Young Body

Image S1 Continental and the latest Flying Spur Pininfarina Rolls all 73