Shampoo and conditioner mini size from the hair care brand "Elecuile" of natural skin care prescription

Released on November 1, 2021 (Monday) Elecuir [Left] Three Element Shampoo (L & F) [Right] Glossy & Smooth Conditioner (L & F) 60ml / 715 yen (tax included)

Focusing on the oil, moisture, and beautiful hair flora*1 on the scalp.Shampoo and conditioner that keep the scalp odor down*2, led to glossy and easy -to -handle hair.● Oil, moisture, beautiful hair flora*1, which is a good -looking hair soil, which is a healthy and comfortable state, is necessary for easy -to -use and easy -to -handle hair.Focus on moisture and beautiful hair flora*1.● 100%essential oil produced by Kenshin. Blends the essential oils, lavender, orange, geranium, pachibori, and frankincense with a scent of original blends.● Organic herbal extract raised on our own farm contains strong and strong vitality herbal extracts that protect themselves in a strict environment.● Consideration for me and the environment [peach fruit extract] (moisturizing ingredient): Extracted from immature young peaches that have been removed and discarded.[Aloe Vella Leaf Extract] (moisturizing ingredients): A part of the extract sales helps to preserve the coral reefs in Okinawa.Biomass PET: Use biomass derived from sugarcane.■ Click here for details (brand site) ⇒ https: // Online.NatureSway.JP/ELECUIR*1 Staphylococci, acne bacteria, streptococci on the scalp, streptococci, Malassezian bacteria*2 Due to the fragrance, not only aging, but also the problems due to changes in lifestyle, and the effects are effective without spending time.A hair care brand that provides high -performance items that can be realized.Natural skin care prescriptions, mainly natural raw materials, can use the usefulness and grace of natural ingredients without any extra use.I value the environment from manufacturing to sales, and I value me now, the future, and the environment. Since its founding in 1974, Nature Way has been pursuing the gentleness of the skin and has been providing cosmetics that are particular about natural materials.He worked on environmental issues quickly and established the "Nature Way Sustainable Fund".A part of sales is useful for environmental protection activities and social contribution activities.In addition, we are also working to reduce the environmental impact caused by corporate activities such as manufacturing and sales.Nature Way, who wishes for social contribution through natural cosmetics, will continue to walk in the relationship with nature.