First appearance in Kansai! A limited-time shop that was spellbound by Kuromi's Am@zing mischief! "Sanrio Gift Gate Namba Ebisubashi Store" reopened as a new concept shop

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Sanrio Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) will renew its directly managed shop “Sanrio Gift Gate Namba Ebisubashi Store” on March 23, 2022 (Wednesday), and will be renewed for a limited time until June 20 (Monday). We will open as a concept shop. It will be the second location following the directly managed store in Odaiba, Tokyo, which was very popular, with sales tripled compared to the previous year, and the first in Kansai. Set as a self-proclaimed rival of My Melody, the store will be transformed based on an original story in which Kuromi, a character who is popular among Generation Z, has played a prank and cast a spell on the store. We will also sell event-limited products and plan Kuromi's design panel exhibition.

Kuromi's Am@

Appearance before renewal

"Sanrio Gift Gate Namba Ebisubashi Store" with a wide and open facade is a new store that opened in December 2020 in "Ebisubashisuji Shopping Street" located on the main street of Osaka's representative downtown area, Minami. The large digital signage at the top of the exterior is eye-catching. In the bright store with an open entrance, characters with Ebisu-style designs that bring good fortune to visitors will welcome you with a smile. The Namba Ebisubashi shop original goods, which can only be obtained here, have been popular since the opening. Period: Wednesday, March 23, 2022 to Monday, June 20, 2022 Store name: Sanrio Gift Gate Namba Ebisubashi store (Sanrio Gift Gate Namba Ebisubashi store) Location: 1-chome Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 542-0076 8-3 Phone number: 06-6484-7133 Nearest station: Osaka Metro (Subway) Midosuji Line, Yotsubashi Line, Sennichimae Line Namba Station, Hanshin Electric Railway/Kintetsu Osaka Namba Station, Nankai Electric Railway Namba Station Regular Holidays: Open irregularly Hours: 11:00-20:00 *Business hours are subject to change, so please check the Sanrio website. *Business hours on March 21st (Monday, holiday) will be 11:00-18:00 due to renovation preparations, and we will be closed all day on March 22nd (Tuesday). Sales floor area: 54 tsubo (1st floor: 27 tsubo, 2nd floor: 27 tsubo) Number of products handled: About 2000 Sanrio products that are duty-free. Ahh, it's kind of boring these days. I endure a lot of things little by little, and I can't meet everyone... Ah, I wonder if there's anything fun to do. If you mix all the colors together, you get "black"! The color of Atai's hood is a really nice color, so let's cast black magic and create a place where everyone can enjoy themselves anytime! I wonder if everyone will come to play⁈

We will be exhibiting 30 types of Kuromi design panels. Panels will be presented by lottery with each design and signature of the designer in charge of Kuromi for each person. An application form will be given to those who purchase 2,200 yen or more including tax.

From the left, Romiare design, cute design, initial design ©2022 SANRIO CO., LTD. Author: Sanrio Co., Ltd.

(Overview) ・Application period: March 23 (Wednesday) to May 24 (Tuesday) ・Announcement of winners (planned): May 31 (Tuesday) around 17:00. In-store notices and Sanrio shop information [Official] Twitter (@sanrioshop_info) ・Redemption period: June 7 (Tue)-June 20 (Mon) *Presents will only be given at stores. We cannot ship. *The exchange period is subject to change. Please note. *If the exchange period has passed, it will be invalid. *Winners will collect the application form after confirming the receipt number when handing over the panel. *Presents will only be handed over at the store. Please visit us again. We cannot ship. * Only one application form will be handed out per person. It is an event-limited product that imagines the relaxing time that characters spend loosely at home.・Mascot holders (7 types) 1,760 yen each ・Acrylic key holders (6 types) 550 yen each ・Adult T-shirts (4 types) 2,090 yen each *Size: Adult Bust 79cm - 94cm Height 154cm - 162cm ・Pouch 1,650 yen Each person can purchase up to 1 item per account and 3 characters per character. *Purchase quantity restrictions may be lifted without notice. *The release date is subject to change without notice. *Please note that the product may be sold out. * Reservations cannot be made at stores or by phone until March 31st (Thursday). Reservation restrictions may be lifted without notice. note that. Sanrio Gift Gate Namba Ebisubashi store exclusive products with Ebisu-style designs such as Hello Kitty are also available.・Acrylic key holder (3 types) 660 yen each ・Eco bag (4 types) 880 yen each ・Mask (6 types) 550 yen each ・Clear file set 495 yen ・Mascot brooch 1,100 yen We will give you a card case. One gift per person will be given to those who purchase 2,200 yen or more including tax at Sanrio Gift Gate Namba Ebisubashi store. It will end as soon as the first 1,500 people for each bullet run out. 1st: March 23 (Wednesday) 2nd: April 21 (Thursday) Become. *1 Receipt will be handed over with a total receipt amount of 2,200 yen or more including tax. (It cannot be handed over with the total receipt.) *One ticket per person. *It will end as soon as it is gone. Sanrio, which celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2020, is launching the “Am@zing Project”, which aims to create a new Sanrio shop experience by appealing to customers with an image of “interesting” and “different” that will surprise customers. This is the first installment of. In this project, in addition to existing fans, we will propose the charm of Sanrio shops that are not only cute, but also for men and women of Generation Z (ages 16 to 25), who are also called digital natives. By expanding the shop, we planned to attract new customers. A character with a black hood and a pink skull, which was born from the 2005 TV anime "Onegai My Melody". Designed and produced by Sanrio in 2005. Ranked 5th in the 2021 Sanrio Character Ranking, it is a popular character especially among Generation Z. (Profile) Self-proclaimed rival of My Melody. She looks like a violent person, but she's actually very girly! ? I like cool guys. The black hood and pink skull are the charm points. My hobby is keeping a diary. Lately, I've been into romance novels. Favorite color is black. My favorite food is shallots. However, in reality, she has a sensitive side, where she writes down the subtleties of her heart in her diary, and although her clumsiness makes her look like a clumsy person, she cares about her friends. In addition, she is a kind and hard-working girl. Birthday: October 31st