2022 Fall / Winter MICHAEL KORS COLLECTION Show announced

Michael Course Japan GK New York, February 11, 2022-Michael Course is the Fall / Winter 2022 Collection Japan: February 16 (Wednesday) 10:00 A.m.It will be announced on live broadcast from 8:00 pm).This show praised New York, the hometown of the designer, and this season focuses on the energy and charm of New York at night.At the runway show, a special music performance by the Grammy Award -winning artist, Miguel (Miguel), is performed.His singing voice, chosen in unique style and dynamic staging, colors the brand's first evening live stage."I'm a genuine New Yorker, but there's nothing better than the excitement and energy of the night city. Everywhere, everywhere, everyone enjoys the night city and is looking for stylish.I think, "said the designer's Michael Course."This is the first time we have shown a collection at the live venue at night. Everything from collection to venue and performance is all to celebrate a wonderful night."Michaelkors-Collection to be the hub of content.It will be released live on brand social channels and digital channels, including COM.It will also be provided to viewers around the world of the brand on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, LINE, Kakao.See the following URL for distribution.Runway Digital Experience: https: // www.Michaelkors-Collection.COM/Related Information URL/SNSMICHAEL Kors Website: https: // www.Michaelkors.Com/Michael's World: https: // www.Michaelkors.Com/MichaelsWorld@Michaelkors on Instagram, Ig Stories, Reels and IGTV: http: // Instagram.com/MichaelkorsMichael Kors on YouTube: https://www.YouTube.com/MichaelkorsMichael Kors on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MichaelkorsMichael Kors on Facebook Messenger: m.Me/Michaelkors@michaelkors on twitter: http: // Twitter.com/Michaelkors@MichaelKorsJP on Twitter: https://twitter.Com/Michaelkorsjpmichael Kors on Pinterest: http: // www.Pinterest.com/Michaelkors@MichaelKors on Weibo: http://weibo.com/MichaelkorsSearch for "Michael Kors" on WeChatSearch for “Michael Kors” on LINE JapanSearch for “Michael Kors” (마이클코어스) on Kakao KoreaJoin the conversation: #AllAccessKors【マイケル・コースについて】マイケル・コースは、ラグジュアリーのアクセサリー&レディ・トゥ・ウェアのデザイナーとして知られ、数々の受賞暦を誇る。彼の名を冠した会社を1981年に設立し、現在ではマイケル・コース コレクション、マイケル マイケル・コース、マイケル・コース メンズのラインをもち、アクセサリー、レディ・トゥ・ウェア、フットウェア、ウェアラブル・テクノロジーアイテム、ウォッチ、フレグランスなど幅広い商品を展開。マイケル・コースストアは世界の主要都市に出店し、さらに北アメリカ、ヨーロッパ、アジアでデジタル旗艦店を運営し、お客様にシームレスなオムニチャネル体験を提供します。


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2022年秋冬Michael Kors Collectionショーについて発表