What are the precautions when purchasing a test ride?Thorough explanation of benefits and points when purchasing

The test ride on a public road when considering the purchase of a new car will be on the market after the role.It is said that the price is cheaper than the new car and the condition of the car is relatively good, but what should I be aware of when purchasing a test ride?

Therefore, I will explain the benefits of the test ride and the points to keep in mind before buying.In addition, there is no initial cost when purchasing a car, and we will also introduce how to ride a new car with a low burden.

[Points of this article] ✔ If you buy a test ride, you can ride a relatively new and good -conditioned car. ✔ If you buy a test ride, there are points to note that the body color is limited ✔ Test rides.There is a way to hold a good car than buying

What is a test ride?

A test ride is literally a car for "riding a trial", which refers to a car used by dealers and used car dealers to check the performance of the car.A new car is registered so that you can run on a public road, and it has a license plate.

The test ride will appear on the market after the role of the test ride is fulfilled.It is common to sell a test ride sold as a used car that has passed for about 6 months to one year since the registration of a new car.

A car that tends to be confused with the test ride is an exhibition car.The exhibited car is the car on display at dealers and showrooms.The mileage is often less than 10 km, and the number is attached at the time of sale, so it is legally treated as a new car.For those who aim to purchase a new car, there are many cases where a dealer sells it because exhibited vehicles can be offered cheaply.


Benefits of purchasing a test ride

There are several benefits, such as the fact that many test rides are relatively cheap and in good condition.Here, let's take a look at the main benefits of purchasing a test ride.

-The test ride that allows you to buy relatively new cars at a reasonable price is that you can purchase relatively new cars from 6 months to one year after registration of new cars at a discounted price.

● The mileage of the test ride with a low mileage differs one by one, but it is relatively short at 3,000 to 5,000 km.

● Test rides in a good condition compared to general used cars are treated as used cars, but in many cases, maintenance and cleaning are often good for test rides.am.There are few cases where the body and the room have scratches, and some cars are in the same state as new ones.

● It takes about 1 to 3 months to deliver a new car that is delivered quickly, and 2-3 weeks for used cars.On the other hand, if you purchase a test ride directly from a dealer, etc., a mini car may be delivered in about a week.

● Test rides, which are often equipped with options, have the purpose of checking optional performance, so it is often equipped with various options.The selling price is a price including options, so if you do not need an option, it may be over -spec.When choosing a test ride, it is a good idea to check if the option can be removed.

5 points to note when purchasing a test ride

Test rides can buy relatively good cars quickly and cheaply, but not only the benefits.In order to purchase a test ride, we have summarized five points to note.

When purchasing a test ride, it is basically limited to the body color of the actual item at the store.Even if you look for another test ride, the test rides are small in the number of circulates, and the colors such as white and black are often limited, so you may not be able to find the desired car.

Test rides have a short mileage and are relatively good.However, since an unspecified number of people are riding the car to take a test drive, even a car that has been cleaned may not be the same as a new one.If you are worried about hygiene, we recommend that you choose a new car.

Test rides cannot be expected to have a large discount.Test rides are sold as used cars, so they tend to be cheaper than new cars, but in some cases they are not discounted so much, so they are not much different from the market price of used cars.When considering a purchase, check the market price of used cars and consider the balance between the price and the condition of the car.


When purchasing a test ride, it is important to take a test drive to check the condition of the car.After confirming that the body is dirty or scratched, take a test ride to check the operation and check the feeling of driving.If the mileage is relatively long, it is important to check if parts are replaced.

In case of emergency, check if the after -sales follow -up after purchase is enriched.Even if the maintenance is being performed, the car is not good because it is a car that ran on public roads.

Furthermore, the warranty content may differ from the new car, so it is important to check the scope and period of the warranty at the time of purchase.

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Where can I buy a test ride?

It is important to search efficiently because the number of test rides is smaller than general new or used cars.Here, we will explain where the test drive can be purchased and the timing suitable for purchase.

There are two places where you can buy a test ride: dealers and used car dealers.Test rides handled at used car dealers generally tend to be lower than dealers.

If you are considering purchasing, you can search on a dealer site or a used car specialty site.In the case of a test ride, the information is often described in the description column of the site.If the name listed in the car verification is a dealer, it can be judged as a test ride.

Test rides are replaced at the timing of full model change or minor change, making it easier to get on the market.If you aim for this timing, you will be able to compare the latest model models.The timing of the model change varies depending on the manufacturer, so it is important to check the information frequently.


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How to hold a car that is better than buying a test ride

Even if you are in a good condition and inexpensive test rides, if you buy it, you will have to pay the initial costs separately from the vehicle price.If you want to ride a new car by reducing the burden when purchasing a car, we recommend car leasing.

Rather than buying a test ride, the reason why you use car leasing is:

Car leasing is a subscription service for cars that can be used by a leasing company for a certain period of time by paying a certain usage fee to a lease company.The monthly fee for car leasing is calculated based on the estimated price (residual value) for trade -in when the contract expires, based on the amount deducted from the vehicle itself.As the residual value is deducted, the cost of the vehicle price is lower than when purchasing, so you can get into the car at a cheap price.

If you purchase a car, you will need taxes and insurance premiums separately from the vehicle body price, but in the case of car leasing generally, the monthly fee is included.There is no need to prepare a large amount of money as an initial cost, and it has the advantage of being friendly to households.

When you buy a car, you need to pay the car maintenance costs, such as vehicle inspection costs and maintenance costs.On the other hand, car leasing may include car maintenance costs in the monthly flat rate.If you use such a lease service, you will not have to worry about vehicle inspection costs.

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It is dangerous to jump easily on the test ride!Understand the features and choose

Test rides can be a good shopping because you can ride a good car in good condition.However, when purchasing a test ride, there are not only benefits but also some points to note.Choose after fully understanding the characteristics of the test ride so that you do not regret after purchase.

If you want to ride a new car with confidence by reducing the burden at the time of purchase, we recommend car leasing that can be used at a fixed monthly price.If you hear car leasing, you may be worried that there is a payment when returning the car, but if you are a fixed -rate Calmo -kun, there is no residual value at the end of the contract.During the contract period, you can get into the car by paying the same monthly fee.Why don't you consider using it?

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Test drive is a car prepared by a dealer for a test ride.The feature is that the price is cheaper than the new car, the mileage is small, and there are many cars in good condition.In addition, in the case of a test ride, the actual item is basically handed over, so it is also an advantage that the car will be delivered relatively faster than when purchasing a new car.

A: The number of test rides distributed in the market is small, so you may not be able to find a model that suits your wishes.Also, because the body color is limited, you may not be able to choose the desired car.

A: With car leasing, you can ride a new car by paying a fixed monthly fee.Both test rides and new cars need to pay various taxes and liability insurance premiums at the time of purchase, but for car leasing, those expenses are included in the monthly fee.The cheapest usage fee in Japan*If you have a flat -rate Carmo -kun, you can ride a new car with a manufacturer's warranty from the 10,000 yen per month.

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* The content of the article is written with information as of September 2021.