The "storage pocket" of the laptop case of the hybrid work era is good! 4 recommended selections

If you are planning to introduce a hybrid work in the future, you will have to use a laptop for both home and inside and outside, and you will have more opportunities to carry a notebook PC.A hybrid work is a keyword that means that there are days when you work at home, there are days when you come to work and work in the office, and there are also days when you work in a cafe or share office near your visit, and your workplace is diversified.。

When carrying a notebook PC, you can carry accessories other than laptops (mouse, cable, etc.).It's good to use a gadget case, but the luggage is bulky.

This time, we will introduce a notebook PC case with a storage pocket that does not need to have a gadget case.If you have a storage pocket, you tend to get rid of it, and small gadgets are organized and convenient!Let's look at the product immediately.

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Because it is a wet suit material, you can wash it even if it gets dirty!

Built Cargo Sleeve 13 inch Black 121892

ハイブリッドワーク時代のノートPCケースは「収納ポケット」がイイ! おすすめの4選

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This is a case where a 13 -inch notebook PC is included.It uses neoprene material used in wet suits, is durable, hard to get dirty, and can be washed.It is convenient to store USB, mouse, cords, etc. in the pocket on the outer surface.Users highly evaluated, "It is convenient to put a pocket to put accessories soberly.

[Detailed information] Size: about 330 × 20 × 240mm Weight: about 300g

Do not damage your hands with the handle of cushioning material!

 BRINCH Laptop Case Lap Top Tablet Case PC Case PC Back Nylon Dough...

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It uses a high -temperature resistance and frictional resistant material that has good breathability, and protects important equipment firmly.The handle of the bag uses a comfortable cushioning material that does not hurt your hands even if you carry a bag for a long time.Using a lightweight and soft cushioning material inside, you can carry net books and notebook PCs, which are often carried around, while protecting them from impacts.

[Detailed information] Size: 390 × 290 × 90mm Weight: 898g Color: Green, Purple, Pink Brown Black Red

Protect your PC firmly by brushed inside!

Wiwu back brushed PC inner bag double layer structure 11.6/12/13.3/15.6/16 Inch shock absorption waterproof PC inner case No...

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A PC bag that can organize power adapters, cables, notepads, tablets, etc. well.I use a high -quality nylon fabric.There are two pockets on the outside, and smartphones can be stored.The waterproof specification protects you from water drops.It is convenient to carry because the side of the bag has a handle.The inside is brushed and protects the equipment firmly.

[Detailed information] Size: 360 × 25 × 260mm Weight: 300g

With a 30 -day warranty that is safe even if it is broken

EVOON PC case laptop case 15-16 inch waterproof/shock absorption/multifunctional MacBook Pro 15 16/del...

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Pockets on the outside are also convenient to carry peripheral devices.There are also partitions inside, so you can put documents together.Because it is water -repellent, it is safe even in sudden rain.In addition, even if you spill coffee with antifouling processing, it will be beautiful just by wiping it quickly.Because it is a handle, it is convenient when traveling a little.It is hard to lose shape with a solid thick fabric and can be used for a long time.And what is surprising is that even though it is a PC case, it comes with a 30 -day warranty.You can use it with confidence.

[Detailed information] Size: 360 × 25 × 260mm Weight: 259G Color: Gray Black