SAKURA INFORMATION SYSTEM provides a template that can be efficiently introduced to group companies based on Biz∫

Sakura Information Systems Co., Ltd. announced on the 24th that NTT DATA BizIntegral's ERP package "Biz∫ (BizIntegral)" can be efficiently introduced to group companies. Announced that it has started offering an accounting system implementation template for Biz∫. Currently, there is a growing need to understand the accounting information of group companies and strengthen group governance. Many companies are worried that they do not know how to introduce a common accounting system. In particular, since the current system is disjointed, there are many issues such as replacement of account items and management of segment information by group companies Yokogushi. In order to solve these issues, the company will provide a template for introducing accounting system introduction methods for deploying to group companies based on "Biz∫" based on the experience of introducing a common group accounting system. By using the "group common accounting system introduction template for Biz∫", the tasks and steps required for group expansion can be organized and clarified, making it possible to proceed with the project smoothly and efficiently. This template provides various migration tools equipped with functions such as account conversion from the current system, and an input sheet that reduces the workload of user companies and facilitates data creation. In addition, we will provide know-how for commonizing various codes, segment management methods for strengthening group governance, and steps to deploy to group companies. Sakura Information System has also developed functions that can be used commonly by each company, such as inter-group transaction input and consolidated accounting system linkage with conversion to consolidated items, based on the experience of introducing it to group companies. is.

Cloud Watch, Kazushi Ishii

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