[MICHAEL KORS] Somehow fashionable just have it!? "Popular brand Decatot bag" | Classy.

Now, the trend of the bag is a complete two polarization of "very big" or "very small"!To fulfill seasonal fashion, the size of the bag holds an important key.We picked up a new work of a popular brand that leads styling to a fresh look.

 【MICHAEL KORS】持ってるだけでなんだかオシャレ!?「人気ブランドのデカトートバッグ」|CLASSY.

The fresh balance boosts the fashionable appearance "very big"

Tote bags are more sized than A4!Active in multi, such as going to the gym and traveling from the business scene.The "super big" balance that covers the body is fresh.

[Michael Kors] is very large

Quoted source: Classy.

A smart and sophisticated design that fits the everyday life of a smart OL bag with a nice design that is nice to be over -defined.Laptops and pouches are completely included, and three inner pockets are provided.Brown tote bag "HEIDI Tote Large" ¥ 45,100 A gem with a beautiful color of leather and blue coloring.The length of the handle that can be put on shoulder is just right.Blueout bag [with porch] "FREYA Open Tote Large" ¥ 61,600 (both Michael Michael Course / Michael Course Customer Service) * The size notation in the sentence is , unit is commercial.Shooting / Daiki Matsunaga Model / Mizuho Mide (Sakurazaka 46) Hair Make / Yasunari Kuwano (ILUMINI) Styling / Sayoko Hamaguchi / Yukiko Miyazawa Review / BravoWorks.INC